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Frequently Asked Questions

The team at Barry Miller Law has many years of experience in loss mitigation and can handle the entire short sale negotiation and approval process for you  We assemble and submit the short sale package, negotiate and follow up with the banks and obtain short sale approvals and fight for you to obtain your full commission!

Understanding how we work for you will assist you in communicating with your clients and ensure a smooth transaction.

Our staff is committed to serving you with fast, accurate and reliable information throughout the process.

Q.  How will I know that my client has contacted your office for assistance
A.  Once your client completes an online application, you will be notified by email alerting you that they have contacted us

Q.  What happens after my client contacts you
A.  A member of our client services team will contact your client by telephone within 24 hours and conduct a telephone preliminary qualification interview to determine eligibility based on information they have provided.  If eligible for short sale, we will schedule a no obligation consultation meeting with one of our attorneys and if we are retained, our paralegal team will collect all documentation at this 1st meeting.  After this meeting, we will email you notification that your client has retained our office and pass along any other information needed to complete the data collection portion of this intake process.

What happens after all of the documentation is collected by Client Services
A  The most critical part of starting a short sale is the timely collection of all documentation required by various lenders.  Our staff  is highly trained and understands what is required on a case by case basis.  We request that new clients brings all of the required items to their first meeting with our team and we work with your client in person to ensure that we have all information required.   Once all documentation is in order, the file is moved to a member of the negotiation team.  To ensure a balanced workload for our staff, requests for a particular negotiator will will be considered, however based on workload it may be necessary to assign your file to another member of the team.  All of our negotiators are skilled at their profession and deliver great service.

When will I hear something about my shorts sale
A  This is a common question by all parties involved.  Sellers, Buyers and  Realtors all need updated information to keep all parties informed.  Our office uses the latest technology to manage the intake and workflow process in the industry.  Our system takes the guess work out of file management and we are committed to updating files submitted to lenders for approval every 7-10 business days. This update is passed along to all parties by way of comprehensive email notifications.  If however we receive information over the course of the 7-10 day period, we will pass this along as soon as it arrives.  Our system manages the file rotation to ensure we are meeting our deadlines ensuring that your file does not go untouched.

Why is the bank taking so long
A  This question is difficult to answer in a single sentence.  Each lender has their own internal processing timelines along with a multitude of other factors.  To minimize any additional time, our team works to get each client on the FastTrack in our office by gathering all documents and presenting the short sale package to the lender quickly.  This depends on the clients ability to furnish all information quickly and accurately.  Our team works with each person to make this happen. 

Q.  Who should I call if I have questions along the way
A.  If you client is in the initial states of intake and you have questions, call Client Services directly at 407-398-6900.  If you clients file has been moved to a negotiator and they have contacted you by email, please call them or email them directly.  Our negotiators are responsible for your file until it is completed.  Our team is dedicated to handling your clients file and will return calls and emails within 24 hours.  Please allow them time to respond to your request.

Why do you charge an Application Fee and a Negotiation Fee
The $250.00 application fee covers the cost associated with establishing the client file in our office.  Our team of professionals spends many hours working with your clients to gather all of the required documentation to process their short sale request.  Based on the amount of time a short sale can take, this fee averages to be about $2.50/day.  The additional cost to negotiate and manage the file is $2500.00 and this legal fee is not charged unless we get you a short sale approval.  In many cases, this fee is negotiated as part of the short sale, however the buyer will be required to sign an addendum acknowledging that this fee must be paid at the time of closing if the lender does not approve payment of our fee as part of the short sale.  Using a law office to handle a loss mitigation process enables your client to cost effective legal representation throughout the entire short sale process.  At times, complex matters will arise during the negotiation that require a strategic legal response. 

What if I am not satisfied with the level of service I am receiving
A  Please call 407-423-1700 and ask to speak with a member of the management team, we are here to help!