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Short Sale Process

The team at Barry Miller Law values the important role realtors play in the short purchase and sale process and we all know that these transactions can be long and challenging.  Working together, we can take your clients through our FastTrack process and minimize the time it takes to actually get the short sale proposal to the lender.

Our office has designed a program that is completed in 5 easy steps.

1.  Your client visits this web site and completes either a questionnaire to schedule a free, no obligation consultation with an attorney.  If your client is ready to make a full application and get on the FastTrack, they can complete the full application online on this site also.

2.  Once we receive your clients electronic submission, you will receive email notification that your client is either coming in for an appointment or has retained us to handle the short sale for them

3. Prior to your clients meeting with us, our client services team will prepare them for their visit by providing a checklist of items that they need to bring to the meeting and provide them with instructions to obtain a copy of their credit report.  If for any reason your client cannot come to our office or needs specialized assistance with completing the paperwork needed, our client services team is here to help.  Client Services can be reached at 407-398-6900 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 PM.   Your client will meet with an attorney to answer any legal questions and a client services team member will work with your client to ensure that we have all paperwork and documents needed before they leave the meeting - this gets them on the FastTrack!

4.  File status updates are issued to agents and clients utilizing the latest technology.  Comprehensive system generated emails , text messages and Interactive Voice Response updates keep all parties involved in the transaction updated with the most current information eliminating the guess work associated with manual processes. 

5.  Once your clients file is 100% complete, it is moved to our negotiation team where a SPOC (Single Point of Contact) will reach out to you and your client and stay with you file through the entire negotiation process keeping all parties updated.  Once a final approval is received, your SPOC will coordinate closing with a coordinator at our sister company The Closing Agent.  Our office provides a turn-key solution to keeping everything in one place and avoids delays and miscommunication.

Realtors working with our process are free to be more productive and increase closings by allowing us to manage the client short sale process all while keeping up-to-date as the file progresses

FastTrack process provides a greater sense of satisfaction for your clients because they are involved hands-on from the application process and  face-to-face meeting with our team.  This expedites the data collection and file set-up and gets the short sale proposal to the lender much faster. 
If you are a real estate professional and would like to get your clients on the FastTrack, take a moment to register with us.  Simply click on the "Register Now" button and choose the "Add Agent" button at the top of our application form (it is not necessary for you to complete the actual application form, this shows you an example of what your clients will see when they apply online).  It's simple and fast and ensures that we have your information in our system and allows your clients to link to your name when they apply....this ensures you will be notified automatically when new clients retain our office or updates to your clients files become available.
Need to check the foreclosure status for a property?  Click on the county below and search public records.


Don't get caught listing a property full of title defects?  ORDER a free preliminary title search when you take a listing for a short sale!

So many times a great listing is riddled with title liens and defects that can take weeks, months or longer to clear.  Order a preliminary title report to find out if your listing will result in a successful short sale

Let's get down to business together!  Learn more about our programs and services offered by us by visiting our FAQ section.  Knowing what to expect makes working with us easy, just click on the FAQ button to learn more!  If you need to escalate your file, please review our escalation guidelines
The following documents are required to establish a short sale with our office.  The "Document Check List" details each item we will need from you and your client to process a short sale file.

The "
Short Sale Addendum to Purchase" must be reviewed and signed by the seller and buyer.  To ensure that all parties are informed that this addendum exists, upload this signed document to the MLS listing.

The "
Addendum to Sale Listing Agreement" must be signed by the seller and returned to our office for processing.