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Order Preliminary Title Report

Don't get caught listing a property for sale only to learn weeks later or before closing, the property is plagued with liens, judgements or other issues that can take weeks or months to clear. For example, IRS liens, child support liens, money judgements etc.

Order a free, preliminary title report prior to listing a short sale property.  Taking this step can be the difference between a successful short sale negotiation and a long difficult process that  may ultimately result in a cancelled listing.  Order today and in most cases we will have a report within 3 business days*.  If your client is scheduled to meet with our team to start a short sale, we will contact them prior to their appointment if the report reveals issues that could delay starting the short sale process with our office, we will also notify you so you can decide how to proceed. 
* Most title requests are completed within 3 business days.  However, delays can occur due to location (i.e. county) of property, age of property or other technical issues.  Our team is always working hard to meet deadlines for you, our valued real estate partners!